Sydney is from Minneapolis, MN. No, she doesn’t live in an igloo, but she still plays quite a bit of ice hockey. Outside of her media 9-5 job, Sydney is a super active person – she is an avid wake surfer during summer and loves teaching fitness classes at the Minneapolis ALTR studio where she leads a HIIT style workout every week. Her biggest passion is having her podcast, @StraightCandidPodcast with her co-host, Sophie. Sydney loves to keep things candid and share her true self across all her social media platforms, including her podcast. Sydney thinks it is so important to be yourself, share what you love to do and who you are to your core.  

“Life is beautiful day to day – share it and be real! I can’t wait for you to get to know me more and to share my favorite ways to use essence in my day to day across all the things I love to do!” – @candidsydd