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Applying Highlighter The Right Way In 2023

Applying highlighter the right way is easier than ever, thanks to these light-reflecting beauty products and pro highlighter application tips.

6 Beauty Tips For Being On Camera In Meetings

The low-maintenance guide to nailing your makeup for Zoom meetings is here. This is how you get the best makeup for video calls so you can keep your camera on with confidence.

Our Secret Mascara Tips For Longer Eyelashes

Learn how to get longer lashes once and for all with these mascara tips for longer lashes. From the best mascaras to the best application tips, achieving longer eyelashes with mascara is easier than you think.

Beginner's Guide To Becoming a Makeup Artist

Anyone can learn how to become a makeup artist with these 7 tips. Learn why becoming a makeup artist is a great gig for any aspiring creative.

How To Amplify Your Eyes The Easy Way

If you’re looking for easy ways to enhance smaller eyes or if you simply want to learn how to make your eyes bigger, your search ends here. We’ve got the best tips, tricks and makeup so you can learn how to make your eyes look bigger, once and for all.

Perfect DIY Gel Nails At Home

DIY gel nails have never been this easy. Here are the best tips for achieving pro-worthy gel manicure results in the comfort of home–no pricey equipment required. Once you master gel nails at home you’ll never look back.