Meet The Stylists

Essence stylists are a group of passionate females who embrace the essence brand values and have ambitions of their own! Check out their Instagram pages to learn more about what these girls are all about and keep an eye out for them across all essence platforms!


picture of essence stylist Nour
  Nour is a pharmacist, beauty content creator, and makeup artist based in California. She is your 25 year old makeup and skincare bestie! Her content focuses on Makeup Tutorials, GRWMs, Affordable Makeup, and all beauty reviews and hacks! Basically, anything beauty related, she is here to help you. Her go to phrase is that “empowered women, empower women” so you will never catch her gate keeping anything from her community. She wants us all to win 🤍 Her hobbies include traveling, pilates, quality time with her loved ones, and anything involving the sun! Follow her journey on tiktok and instagram @nourrkhalill  


picture of essence stylist Mia
Mia is a 23 year-old professional makeup artist, content creator, and licensed cosmetologist based in California. She enjoys painting, baking, playing guitar, but most of all, she loves makeup! From natural looks to full glam, Mia shares all of her makeup tips, tricks, and tutorials on Instagram and TikTok (@miabgalvan) for a more approachable take on beauty!


picture of essence stylist Tziporah
Tziporah is a beauty influencer based in Montreal, Canada. She loves fashion, singing, doing her skincare routine, and of course makeup! She shares all her makeup tutorials, product reviews and makeup trends on her Instagram and TikTok. Follow her to see her looks: @grwtzi.


picture of essence stylist Megan
Megan is a 25-year-old fashion, beauty, and lifestyle creator from Sonoma County, California. With over 10K followers on Instagram and TikTok, she has created a space for people to find fashion inspiration, makeup tips, and uplifting content. Her goal is to inspire others to become the best version of themselves through self-improvement and self-discovery. She hopes her content can provide new perspectives and ideas to those following along. Subscribe to her journey @hello_im_megan on IG and @hello_im_megann on TikTok.


picture of essence stylist Andrea
Andrea is a 23 year old fashion beauty and lifestyle creator from Cancun Mexico. She recently graduated college and took 7 months to travel the world and moved to Bali! She now lives in New York working a corporate job while also content creating! Her favorite things include thrifting, coffee, and anything that involves being out in the sun. Follow her on TikTok and Instagram at @andrea_yamhure  


picture of essence stylist Allie
Allie is a Pennsylvania based content creator who loves all things beauty and fashion. After being an elementary school teacher for four years, Allie transitioned out of the traditional classroom setting and into a virtual teaching role. Allie loves to connect with her audience with beginner friendly makeup tips, hair tutorials, sharing her favorite fashion finds, as well as sharing the ins and outs of her life after she successfully made her career transition. She has a great passion for enhancing natural beauty and loves making authentic connections on her social media platforms. Keep up with Allie by following her on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube: @allieprib  


picture of essence stylist Jade
Jade simmone is a Los Angeles based content creator who loves all things beauty, skincare and fashion. Who woke up one day and quit her career in healthcare to follow her dreams of being a creator in the beauty space. She has a passion for constantly creating and helping others in the process. She loves a good Iced latte and always has to set the vibes with a good playlist to get the day started. She wants to create a space for everyone to find themselves no matter what that may look like for each individual. Follow her on TikTok @jadesimmone and on Instagram @Jadesimmone_