Surviving Summer Weather: Makeup Edition

October 04, 2022

Summer beauty just hits different. You can get away with wearing a lot less, the colors are bright and happy (from our tips to our toes) and formulas generally lighten up during the summertime. While there’s so much to love about summer beauty, there’s also a lot to loathe. There are the makeup meltdowns, larger-than-life pores, irritated sun-scorched skin and not to mention there’s the whole sweaty skin situation that affects every single product we put on our skin.

Thankfully, with the help of the right makeup for humid weather, you can be on the good side of summer beauty this season with our tips, tricks and products that will keep your makeup fresh all day.

Summer is primer time

Fact: primer and makeup for humid weather are mutually exclusive. You simply can’t deal with one without the other. If you haven’t yet joined the primer fan club, there is no time like the summer to try. This miracle maker is the pro product that will make sure your makeup stays on all day (think of it as an insurance policy for your makeup). And the application couldn’t be easier since it’s really like an extra skincare step to your beauty routine.

When it comes to choosing the right primer formula for you, think about the issues you want to address first. If large pores and oily skin are an issue, reach for this mattifying and refining primer to create a seamless canvas for your base. Prefer to have a primer plus coverage? This does-it-all tinted primer is just the thing for days when you want to skip the foundation. It comes in six shades that subtly enhance your complexion for a natural matte finish.

Powder is your summer beauty BFF

Repeat after us: powder is your summer beauty BFF. Whether you love a good bronzer moment, (and who doesn’t in the summer?), or have loose powder on standby at all times (because, oily skin), you already know the shine-busting powers of powder. And when it comes to learning how to make sure your makeup stays on all day, powder plays an important role.

The caveat to using powder makeup in humid weather? Use it sparingly. That means a matte bronzer on your T-zone or a mattifying lightweight translucent loose powder to spot treat any oily areas, like your forehead or apples of your cheeks, throughout the day

Switch to Waterproof everything

A major lesson on how to make sure your makeup stays on all day is to make the switch to waterproof formulas. They’ve been stress-tested to withstand humidity, excess moisture and generally, longer wear than typical formulas, thanks to special polymers. Don’t leave home for the pool, beach or your bestie’s summer wedding without these waterproof versions of your fave mascara and liquid eyeliner during the summer months.

Lighten up your lip formulas

Fruity lip balm is the core summer beauty memory we all need to unlock right now. That’s right, it’s time to put away the heavy matte lipstick for now and reach for the rainbow of fruity lip balms that will just make your lips and mood happy. With flavors like watermelon, strawberry, lemon and cherry, and each with a moisturizing and nourishing tint, it’s impossible to buy just one.

Set it and forget it

Using a mattifying setting spray will ensure your makeup stays fresh during the day, even in high temps. Simply spritz your finished face using this instant matt setting spray as a final step to your beauty routine and you’ll be amazed at much wear you’ll gain from using it. Take it from this comment from verified buyer Chivonne H who said, it’s “an excellent setting spray. Keeps my makeup on the entire day, even in hot weather. Definitely better than more expensive setting sprays I have used and I like that it doesn’t make my fave feel greasy or tacky.

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