6 Makeup Trends That Will Own 2024

February 01, 2024
6 Makeup Trends That Will Own 2024

Never mind fast fashion–it’s all about fast beauty right now and the new makeup trends born on social media that either go viral (or fade out). So how do you know which looks to commit to? That’s where we come in, duh! We’ve sourced our FYP’s to bring you the 6 makeup trends that will own 2024. So all that’s left for you to do is to pick your favs and get shopping. From this year’s *it colors to the techniques you’ll want to master quickly, there’s no shortage of trend inspo here.

An otherworldly glow

Ethereal skin is easily the most wanted look for achieving 2024 makeup goals. Why? It sets the tone for your whole makeup vibe and gives pure skin goals. The secret to getting this lit-from-within skin effect starts with a good skincare routine and one key makeup product: highlighter.

Your toolkit:

A pore-minimizing face serum -this formula packs pomegranate fruit water and niacinamide to perfect the look of your skin.

This baked highlighter is a beauty steal and cult-fav highlighter for leaving skin with that natural-looking glow.


Let’s get graphic

Graphic liner is giving big beauty trend energy for 2024. This geometric, edgy look has been spied on celebs and red carpets and on runways alike with artful designs that give a truly unique makeup effect. Whether you’re comfy going all out with a custom design or prefer to stick with one bold swipe of liner over your lids, the creative possibilities are endless with graphic liner.

Your toolkit:


This Superfine Brush Liner acts like a fine paintbrush to give you perfect strokes of graphic liner.



Blurred lips

Smudged and imperfect is the look for lips in 2024. Gone is the perfectly lined and sculpted look and in its place is the soft focus, just-been-kissed effect. Think applying lipstick to the center of your pout and with your finger vs. all over the lips using a lip brush. The look is more lived-in and less precious or polished (similar to a lip stain).

Your toolkit:

Apply this Hydra Matte Lipstick to the center of the lips and press your lips together a few times for the perfect lip-stain effect.



Blue crush

Ever since mermaid-core makeup hit the mainstream last year, blue has been trending and showing up literally everywhere. This season, the hero shade is aquamarine, a softer take that goes into pastel territory. Swipe over your lids or line your eyes with it for a pretty spring take.


Your toolkit:


Take your blue cue from this pretty eyeshadow palette with different shades and finishes, like matte or shimmery, to choose from.




The Monochrome Effect

Thanks to last year’s foodie-focused trends that are still hanging around like tomato girl, strawberry girl and latte makeup, monochromatic looks are still front and center for 2024. Wearing the same tone on your eyes, lips and cheeks is both practical and pretty. You get a multipurpose effect with some of your fave products and a look that’s on-trend, a win-win!


Your toolkit:


Pair this new Lash Princess black-brown mascara with this bronze-focused eye and face palette for a monochromatic look that suits every skin tone.



Glossed-up lips

The 2024 lip forecast is in and says it’s calling for mega shine. Glossy lips are everything this year and here’s why: they bring the plump factor to your lips and make them the focal point of your face. Whether you go neutral or bold, just go glossy and you won’t be sorry.

Your toolkit:


Extreme Shine Volume Lip Gloss brings mega shine for that lacquered lip effect.




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