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Audrey is a very serious writer, blogger and aspiring drag queen. When she’s not hunting for glitter, sequins, (faux) fur and feathers, she’s probably buying books to add to her often ignored “to read” pile. Oh, and she loves her Shih Tzu, Mildred, way too much. It’s a little weird.


Amy shares a 20-something's guide to colorful fashion, travel, décor, and the occasional party on her blog, I Believe in Pink. She likes to add a pop of color and sparkle to absolutely everything she does and will continue to do so now that she's graduated from the University of Richmond and is starting her post-grad life in Philadelphia!


Hannah is twenty years old, living in the lovely sunshine state of Florida! Makeup is her true passion & she plans on pursuing a career in cosmetology. She LOVES fashion, film and music - being surrounded by art and creative individuals makes her the happiest!

Adrianne Viz

Beauty Starts From Within
Adrianne or 'AdrianneViz' as she is known throughout various social media platforms, believes in having a good time and looking good while doing so! Even if that entails putting on a touch of foundation before going on a 5 mile hike or getting full on glam for a wedding! She is a true believer that self confidence is the glue that completes any look. Adrianne is an advocate for trying new styles in fashion and makeup. She encourages everyone to go outside of their comfort zone and see what new experiences are on the horizon!

Hailey Faulkner

Beauty Vlogger
Hailey is a makeup enthusiast who shares her passion for beauty through her YouTube channel, social media accounts, and recently-launched website. She is also a freelance photographer and college student who hopes to pursue a career in the beauty industry before furthering her education to become a college professor. Hailey loves the color yellow, changing up her hair style, and occasionally nerding-out on her Nintendo DS.

Paola Toledo

Brow Bombshell
Paola is an adventure seeker, a wanderer who spends her days creating and learning from everything that surrounds her. Paola studies Television Production and Spanish, and works as a cinematographer and photographer all while fashion blogging. She describes her style as bohemian and very chic. She loves an effortless outfit with messy hair and a lot of confidence! As far as make up goes a deep contour is always fun! It’s safe to say that Paola makes brow contact before eye contact! And, false lashes are never a bad idea! You can find her wildin’ at a concert, out hosting a show, or editing videos in a bed full of snacks. Paola’s definition of beauty: seeing someone passionate and excited about what they love.