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We’re so excited for you to meet our #essencestylists! Like you, they’re awesome girls from across the U.S. and Canada who are students, bakers, vloggers, yogis, handletterers, and so much more! We’re excited to share everything they’ll be up to with you as well as their favorite essence looks! Learn more about our stylists below.

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Meet Our Stylists

Adrianne Viz

Beauty Starts From Within
Adrianne or 'AdrianneViz' as she is known throughout various social media platforms, believes in having a good time and looking good while doing so! Even if that entails putting on a touch of foundation before going on a 5 mile hike or getting full on glam for a wedding! She is a true believer that self confidence is the glue that completes any look. Adrianne is an advocate for trying new styles in fashion and makeup. She encourages everyone to go outside of their comfort zone and see what new experiences are on the horizon!

Victoria Chapman

Eyebrow Obsessed
Victoria never stops adventuring. But if you want to track her down, you will find her at A&Bae, the local Bridal Shop she works at, styling brides for their big day! You can also find her at a local coffee shop in a cozy corner reading poetry or somewhere outside enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. She is an avid lover of the old & new, people & places. She loves mountain-climbing, beach-bumming & heart-writing. She recently helped launched a ministry with a group of women called We Are Unveiled. The organization exists to provide a platform for women to share their stories. Victoria is and always will be a HUGE advocate of individualism and fervent honesty. She believes women should always work together to change the world. She hates competition and having to prove oneself. She instead loves to encourage and walk alongside women so that they can help one another achieve the most unimaginable dreams! Victoria also is a huge fan of fashion and styling. She strongly believes that no outfit is complete with some good brows.

Paulina Waski

Highlight Up Your Life
Paulina Waski was raised in Connecticut and is a ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre in New York City. She began her ballet training at the age of seven and joined the Company at 16. Paulina has toured around the country and the world from Europe to Asia with the Company, working with famous choreographers and performing in some of the world’s most famous stages. Even though she is in a leotard and pointe shoes most of her work day, she enjoys shopping especially when she is on tour since this gives her the chance to explore the fashion of other countries. Wherever she may be, she likes to stay true to her personality when it comes to fashion and cosmetic style: natural, sensitive, fun, genuine,strong, and loving. Her favorite makeup look when she's not onstage is a natural look, with mascara, a light pink lip and cheek, and some highlighter for a little glow. She believes that passion and determination is key to reaching your goal and her goal is to become a Principal ballerina one day! She hopes she can inspire younger and other dancers to never stop dreaming and reaching for their goals.

Tiana Lewis

Loves The Bright & Beautiful
Tiana Lewis, by definition, is native Nebraskan and freelance graphic designer currently residing in Nashville, TN. However at heart she is a creative, a dreamer, and an optimist of all sorts. You can find her blogging about life, style, beauty, and matters of the heart at Thetique, an online space rooted in the belief that there is beauty in everything. Tiana believes in things like meaningful conversation, a life lead with intentionality, and running steadfastly in the direction of your dreams.

Taylor Mahon

In Highlight Dust I Trust
Taylor is a yogi, travel blogger, music lover, and foodie. Her style is beachy laid back, feminine flowy bohemian or grungy rocker chic depending on her mood. She loves natural makeup, messy hair, as well as earth and gem tones. Taylor believes beauty is the kindness you show and the energy you create. She created the blog Infinite Elsewheres to inspire others to travel and share in her experiences from traveling the world. Taylor recently finished yoga teacher training in Bali and wants to teach on yoga retreats in the future. You can typically find her dancing barefoot at a concert, flowing on her yoga mat, or catching her next flight. She love beach naps, chocolate chip cookies, and smiling at strangers.

Arielle Estoria

A Little Highlight Goes A Long Way
Arielle was born and raised in foggy Northern California, but currently residing in beautiful sunny California. She's a recent graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Psychology and is now living that weird post grad life, freelancing as a Spoken Word Artist, Blogger, Speaker, Social Media Curator, and sometimes barista. Arielle believes coffee is a good idea all the time and a believer that breakfast is the overlooked 6th love language. Good conversation makes her giddy, she believes all humans are some kind of magic, and enjoys making beautiful things.

Marta Bonacci

All About Mascara
Marta is an Italian wonderer and daydreamer currently settled in New York City, interning at essence North America. A make-up enthusiast who is also addicted to Instagram she's living life in the Big Apple to its fullest. She gives her best to everything she does and enjoys every single bit of life. She loves sports and is even a black belt in taekwondo--whoa! Martial arts taught her to work hard, to believe in yourself, and to never give up, because you are the biggest obstacle to your own happiness. Writing sets her free, and she also has her own blog where she shares her thoughts on just about anything!

Jessica Lee

Nails & Lashes!
Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica runs her own baking business, hello baked, specializing in chic designer sugar cookies and event favours. She hopes her work will inspire others to indulge their creative and artistic sides while relentlessly pursuing their passions. Since you’ll often find her running between her studio, meetings and events around the city, she keeps a simple beauty routine and relies on a killer mascara and lip gloss to get her through the day. As you might expect, she has a serious sweet tooth and is no stranger to eating cake for breakfast!

Carly Maddox

Brow Enthusiast
Meet Carly, a personal style blogger from Jacksonville, FL. Carly is currently a student and works freelance, with dreams to move to New York and pursue a career in fashion. She would describes her style as modern with vintage flair! Along with style blogging, Carly spends her time working as a social media manager and photographer. She’s an old soul who loves listening to classic rock and jazz, bold lipstick, and is always wearing something vintage!

Steff Espinoza

Eyeliner Junkie
Steff is a wardrobe stylist from the southwest desert of Arizona, newly located in Maryland. She’s a Phoenix College alumni with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Her love for fashion has led her to work behind the scenes for multiple types of photo shoots, providing personal shopping services as well as creative direction and styling for video production. Give her some time in your closet and she’ll arrange an outfit you didn’t think you had. As much as she loves to use her craft in wardrobe styling, she also has an eye for prop styling and set design. She’s driven and inspired daily by her surroundings wherever she may be. When it comes to makeup she’s no expert but loves to have fun and experiment with it since it goes hand in hand with fashion.

Hailey Faulkner

Beauty Vlogger
Hailey is a makeup enthusiast who shares her passion for beauty through her YouTube channel, social media accounts, and recently-launched website. She is also a freelance photographer and college student who hopes to pursue a career in the beauty industry before furthering her education to become a college professor. Hailey loves the color yellow, changing up her hair style, and occasionally nerding-out on her Nintendo DS.

Mireya Serna

Nail-Art Fanatic
Mireya is nail art enthusiast living in Chicago! She’s a self-proclaimed nail polish fanatic and will be your guide to nail info, tips and tricks. A girl who always has beauty on the brain and polish on her nails! When she’s not distracted with her love for polish, Mireya spends her free time traveling and spending time with her boyfriend and family. When Mireya travels, watches a movie, or buys a new outfit, you better believe some nail art will come of it as she is easily inspired and sees art in everything. When life isn’t perfect, make sure your nails are.

Carolane Chartrand

Long Lashes And Bold Lips
Carolane, also known as CarolaneCP on YouTube, is a beauty fanatic from Montreal, Canada. Carolane lives a double life: teacher during the day, YouTuber at night. When she’s not making or watching videos, she loves to pet her puppy or enjoy a warm latte! Carolane’s ultimate goal is to inspire and share her passions with the world! Her go-to makeup staples are mascara and a bold lipstick!

Paola Toledo

Brow Bombshell
Paola is an adventure seeker, a wanderer who spends her days creating and learning from everything that surrounds her. Paola studies Television Production and Spanish, and works as a cinematographer and photographer all while fashion blogging. She describes her style as bohemian and very chic. She loves an effortless outfit with messy hair and a lot of confidence! As far as make up goes a deep contour is always fun! It’s safe to say that Paola makes brow contact before eye contact! And, false lashes are never a bad idea! You can find her wildin’ at a concert, out hosting a show, or editing videos in a bed full of snacks. Paola’s definition of beauty: seeing someone passionate and excited about what they love.