10 Essence Products for a Flawless Makeup Base

September 04, 2023
10 Essence Products for a Flawless Makeup Base

We’ll be the first to admit that achieving a flawless makeup look takes work. We’re talking multiple steps, at least 10 must-try products and the energy to see it all through. But if bingeing countless GRWM videos from our fave TikTokers has taught us anything, it’s that a flawless makeup look can also be ours if we commit to the follow-through. So, what are you waiting for? Grab these 10 Best Essence products and get ready with us!

But first…start with a good skincare routine

You don’t have to be a skincare pro to know that a flawless makeup look starts with well-maintained skin. After all, healthy hydrated skin is the look you’re going for and happens to be the fastest way to towards a flawless makeup base. Stack your skincare routine with these four must-haves for a bright, fresh complexion.

Hydrating gel eye patches

Dark circles and under-eye bags plague even the best of us so stockpiling

some eye patches in your kit is a no-brainer. These hydrating hydro-gel eye patches are infused with vitamin C (for brightening) and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing so they’ll perk up your eyes instantly. Best of all, they’re sensitive-skin friendly, too!



Skin-plumping serum

Ever notice how makeup just looks better on your skin when it’s really hydrated? We want you to bring that energy to your base makeup game, like regularly. For this, you’ll need a good serum. This squalene-infused serum acts

as a moisturizer and antioxidant dose to give your skin a healthy boost instantly and over time.



Calming Face Cream

Every flawless makeup look starts with calm, hydrated skin so if you have any redness or irritation, it’s essential to use the right skincare products to treat it. Enter cica cream with Centella Asiatica (a plant known for its skin-calming benefits) and aloe, which is moisturizing and soothing. This formula will keep your skin calm so you can get your flawless makeup look on.


Pore-refining Primer

Think of primer as the best photo filter your skin can have IRL. It blurs imperfections, minimizes the look of pores and evens out your skin. It also helps make your base makeup stay put and fresher for longer. And don’t forget to target your primer based on your skin’s solution needs, like dryness, oiliness, redness, etc.

Use these top-rated makeup products to ace your base

High-Coverage Concealer + Beauty Sponges

As with any work of art, it’s important to start with a prepped canvas and a solid base for foundation. The same goes for your makeup. Reach for the high-coverage concealer to spot treat areas of the face that need evening out. Dab a nourishing formula underneath the eyes, around the base of the nose and overtop any imperfections.

Go the extra-blending mile by applying

your concealer with an eye-blending sponge. It’s smaller than a traditional beauty sponge and makes it easy to blend your product into small areas like around the eyes, nose, and lips.

Foundation + Buffer Brush

A long-lasting foundation is the only way to go when achieving a flawless makeup look. This waterproof formula won’t wear off in a hurry or give you the dreaded three o’clock face slump (it’s a thing!). For the best filtered effect, blend your foundation in using a buffer brush to diffuse the foundation into your skin evenly so it appears even and natural.




Set it and forget it! Translucent Powder 


Professional makeup pros know that translucent powder is non-negotiable when it comes to a flawless makeup look. It removes excess shine from the skin and sets your concealer and foundation perfectly in place. This translucent powder leaves skin with a seamless, soft-matte finish that’s so flattering.




Weightless Fixing Spray

The last step to reaching flawless skin status is a final mist of quick-drying fixing spray. This will lock in your makeup lasting power for the long haul (we’re talking 18 hours, not that you want to wear your makeup for that long). All you need is a couple of light mists and you’ve finally arrived at the flawless makeup base of your dreams.

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