How To Apply Lip Tint Like A Pro

April 25, 2024
How To Apply Lip Tint Like A Pro

In search of the perfect lip product that’s not a gloss or lipstick? It’s time to try a lip tint. You may have seen glossy and sheer lip tints being applied to lips and cheeks on BeautyTok but there is so much more to them than the 30-second videos suggest. However, they do satisfy the instant gratification check box! Let’s get into what a lip tint is, how it’s different from a gloss or lipstick and why you need to try it.

What is Lip Tint?

Think of a lip tint as a hint (yes, the rhyming helps!) of sheer color on the lips. Lip tints have the look and feel of a lightweight gloss but with a more fluid texture that softly stains the lips. Depending on the formula, it can be soft and subtle or layered for more drama.

What to Look For in a Lip Tint

If you’re looking for an affordable lip tint with dupe-worthy status, your search is over. Meet the lip and cheek tint that gives the perfect rosy stain. Ideal for the douyin makeup trend or to achieve a soft, stained lip, this tint is ultra-flattering and straightforward to use (even beginners can slay it!). It’s also long-lasting and unfussy so you can apply it and then forget about it (until you get compliments, that is).


 How To Apply Lip Tint



Starting with smooth lips will guarantee your lip tint look. You’ve heard it before but it’s worth repeating: prepped lips are pretty lips. Always care for your lips using a nightly lip treatment and a gentle lip scrub if your lips are feeling flaky or dry. Once your lips are hydrated, you’ll be ready to apply your lip tint.



There are a couple of ways to apply a lip tint like a pro. For a douyin effect, apply the lip tint to the middle of the lips and use your fingers to gently smudge it out. You want the color concentrated in the middle and softly blurred towards the edges.


Alternatively, a precisely applied lip tint application is a hot take that’s equally gorgeous. Using the pointed tip of the applicator, outline the lips with the tint first. Next, use the flat side of the applicator to apply the colour onto the lips. For an extra hit of glossy shine, apply a clear gloss overtop. Check out this application in action here.


Don’t Forget your Cheeks!

If BeautyTok has taught us anything about lip tints it’s that they also look fab on cheeks. This formula serves both so not to worry! Achieve a pretty monochrome look by wearing it on your lips and cheeks at the same time. Simply dot it over your cheeks and blend it into the skin well for a rosy look that’s natural and glossy.

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