The Ultimate Lash Princess Mascara Tutorial: Your Guide To Bigger Lashes

March 25, 2022
Using A Brush To Thicken Her Eyelashes

Are you applying your mascara the right way? Read on to find out!

Lash Princess Mascara may be our ride-or-die beauty product for bigger-than-thou lashes but that doesn’t mean we always know how to swipe right. You’d think we’ve learned a thing or two after going through hundreds of tubes and even more episodes of trial and error. Just think of how many mascara hacks you’ve seen on TikTok only to try them at home and realize they’re a big fail. How does this happen? Well, just like our natural lash length, mascara is personal and one application does not actually fit all. That’s where we come in.

We already know you love Lash Princess Mascara (a tube is sold every 10 seconds!) so we’re showing you the big dos and don’ts of how to apply it to get bigger lashes. Repeat after us: In Lash Princess Mascara we trust!

Do: Remove excess mascara from the brush

You know when you twist open a fresh new tube of Lash Princess Mascara and apply it only to feel like you’ve laid it on way too thick? Chances are there’s too much product on your applicator brush. There’s an easy fix for that. Simply remove the excess product on the brush by blotting some off on a tissue. This trick allows for more coats and helps prevent clumping.

Don’t: Pump the wand excessively

It may feel like second nature to pump the wand of your Lash Princess Mascara several times before application but that does more harm than good. It adds air into the formula, which can dry out the good stuff fast. Instead, think of your pump count like you do your vanilla syrup shots: One is enough.

Do: Start at the lash root and wiggle

To get the best big-lash game for your buck, be sure to coat lashes from root to tip. This will help your Lash Princess Mascara formula glide onto lashes cleanly and evenly. Wiggling the brush as you go ensures no lash is left behind.

Don’t apply mascara to lashes that aren’t clean We’ve all been there, realizing last night’s Lash Princess Mascara is still on (especially the waterproof formula!) and then carelessly applying a new coat over top of it. The reason this is a no-no? Repeatedly sleeping with your mascara on can lead to eye issues, not to mention it hardens lashes and can cause breakage. Use an eye makeup remover after your cleanser to ensure your lashes are squeaky clean before applying more.

Do: Curl your lashes first

Straight-lashed gals know that a lash curler enables mascara to dial up even more drama. Before applying your mascara, use a lash curler first and you’ll see the big lash results. Curling your lashes after applying mascara doesn’t work as well as it leads to crimped lashes and a grimy curler–not a good look!

Don’t: Skip your lower lashes

A pro trick for doll-like lashes and a Euphoria-worthy stare? Well-defined top and bottom lashes that perfectly frame the eye. Tip: Apply your Lash Princess Mascara to bottom lashes first to prevent smudging and let any mistakes dry before removing them with a dry cotton swab.

Do: Bend the brush if needed

Makeup artists know that bending their mascara brush can help create a bespoke application that lengthens every lash. If your eye shape is small or if you have trouble getting into the small corners of the eye, try gently bending your applicator by leaving the brush tip in the tube while applying slight pressure to the wand at a 90-degree angle.

Don’t: Use expired mascara

We’re hoping this comes across as a no-brainer but if you’ve got several tubes on the go and one is approaching its six-month birthday, please toss it. Old mascaras and dried-out formulas are guaranteed to give you clumpy results. A telltale sign of an expired formula? Give it a sniff–the formula will generally smell “off” if it’s too old to use.

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