This Is How To Get Fuller Brows With Just A Pencil

May 08, 2023
This Is How To Get Fuller Brows With Just A Pencil

Big, beautiful brows are just a few steps away.

Can we all get a moment of appreciation for the fuller eyebrows trend that’s still going strong? We love it here in the land of big, bold brows and frankly, we’re never going back to the thin 90s look (even if Kylie Jenner sported them on her IG feed). So what if your brows are not giving Zendaya and Kaia Gerber, naturally? We’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s all about using the right brow products to get the fuller eyebrows of your dreams. Better yet, we’re going to make things real easy by showing you how to get fuller eyebrows with a pencil.

Choose The Right Brow Pencil Color

One of our fave hacks and best eyebrow pencil tips for fuller, more natural-looking brows is to match your brow pencil to your hair color (that includes your natural brow hair color btw). Eyebrow pencils usually come in the foundational shades of blonde, brown and dark brown/black as a general guide but there are rules to follow based on your skin tone or color-treated hair color. For our platinum-haired friends, it’s best to stick with cooler

eyebrow pencil shades like ash. For those with warmer golden hair tones, taupes and warmer brows are great. A good rule of thumb for those with dark brown or black hair is to go lighter and stick within two shades of the natural brow color so the finished effect isn’t too overpowering or obvious.

Find Your Best Eyebrow Shape

There may be countless eyebrow hacks when you search TikTok but knowing the basic shaping approach will do your brows better. There are three tried-and-true guide points to follow to nail the best brow shape for your face. The first is aligning the start point of your brows to the start point of your eyes (the inner corner). If you hold your brow pencil straight vertically (so it’s parallel to your nose) you’ll see where to mark your starting point. Next, align your arches by holding your brow pencil at an angle so the pencil hits the mid-point of your nose and also your iris (notice how the other end points to where your arch should be). Lastly, hold your pencil at an angle from the outer nostril to the outer eye corner and mark where your brow should extend to.

Use An Eyebrow Pencil The Right Way

Once your outline shape is set by connecting your guide points above, start filling in your eyebrows using light feathery strokes to mimic your natural hairs. Concentrate on sparse areas first and then step back and examine your brows in the mirror before going back in with your pencil. The best way to make your fuller eyebrows look natural is to use an angled eyebrow pencil or one with a fine tip for a precise application. This way, there’s no chance of overdoing it with too much product. After all, the brow area is so small yet the margin for error is big since they frame your whole face.

Finish Strong With These Two Tips

No fuller eyebrow effect is complete without a good blending job and products to set your brows in place. Using the brush on the other end of your pencil, brush hairs up to blend the product in for a natural finish. Don’t be shy when it comes to this step as it’s hard to over-blend and easy to not blend enough. Your brows should look well blended and have no obvious eyebrow pencil streaks or harsh lines. Now, you’re ready for the finishing touch: A pro-worthy eyebrow pencil tip is to set your brows in place with a clear brow gel mascara to create that perfect polished finish.

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