Your Holiday Makeup Problems Solved

December 22, 2023
Your Holiday Makeup Problems Solved

Welcome to the busiest holiday makeup season of the year! Are you ready for it? With countless holiday events to attend and New Year’s Eve on the horizon, it’s time to lock down your holiday makeup routine so it’s not a last-minute situation. With a few planning-ahead tips, you can easily slay your holiday makeup routine without maxing out your credit card. The trick is to make the best of your beauty products so they work harder. Here’s how to rock your holiday makeup routine so you can enjoy that cocktail without thinking about how it makes your lipstick look.


Keep your skin flawless looking all night long


Don’t let your skin type sabotage your holiday makeup routine. Instead, work with it using the right products like a primer that’s specifically targeted to your skin type, as well as complexion products that work with your skin type, not against it. If large pores are an issue, there’s a primer for that. Ditto for redness and dry skin. For skin that’s on the oily side, you’re going to want to use a powder foundation. This 16-hour formula is waterproof and transfer proof meaning it’ll last day-to-night and you won’t have to worry about keeping shine at bay with frequent touch-ups.


No raccoon eyes here


The holiday season is all about being extra and there’s no better way to do this than with a great set of falsies and a no-fail mascara plan. Regardless of your eye look, there’s no place for raccoon eyes during the holiday party circuit. Preventing them is easy with the help of some key products. First, pick up an eye primer stat. It will ensure your shadow doesn’t slip or crease contributing to a messy eye look. Next, waterproof mascara is non-negotiable. If wearing falsies, opt for this lightweight mascara that features a curved brush for volume and length. All you need is a few swipes and you’ll be good to go.


Achieve a faux glow


Your holiday makeup routine should be elevated yet not something you wouldn’t normally wear and feel uncomfy with. One of the best party makeup tips is to add an extra hit of shine or shimmer (channeling Jess from the Bachelor series and her glitter skin). Get the look for your complexion using this light-reflecting sunlighter. Apply it to your temples, center of the forehead and nose and even your collarbone for an extra dose of holiday glow.



Make Your Lip Look Last


Yes, you can ring in the new year with your lipstick intact. There is no bigger party pooper than lipstick that pulls a disappearing act when you need it most (like for those HNY IG stories!). Here’s what you’re going to do to ensure this doesn’t happen. Apply a longlasting lipliner to your whole pout. Then, pick up a longwearing lipstick formula like this 8-hour matte liquid lipstick or this hydra matte lipstick and kiss your lipstick problems goodbye for the night.



Ready, set your makeup look and go!

The difference between a pro-worthy holiday makeup finish and an everyday one lies in the finishing step. Makeup pros never forget to spritz a final misting of fixing spray to lock in their makeup masterpiece. Here’s why you should add this party makeup tip to your holiday makeup rotation, too: It gives your look the staying power it needs. This award-winning fixing spray keeps you looking fab for up to 18 hours and doesn’t contain any oil or alcohol, which means it won’t dry you out or make you shiny. It will, however, make you look polished and pretty.

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