Amazon's #1 Best Selling Mascara Just Got Better

February 29, 2024
Amazon's #1 Best Selling Mascara Just Got Better
There’s a lot of hype over brown mascara right now and we’re unpacking all of it down below. First, let’s look at why brown mascara is suddenly everywhere (ahem, on all your socials, that is). As 2024 continues to embrace the soft girl makeup era that’s been trending since the clean aesthetic came onto the beauty scene, brown mascara is simply a natural extension of this look. Plus, celebs like Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner have given their stamps of brown mascara approval, which is all the endorsement we need to try the look for ourselves. Welcome to our deep dive on the brown mascara trend.


Brown is the New Black

Black has been the go-to mascara shade since it was first made using petroleum jelly and coal in the early 19th century. We sure have come a long way since then! While colored varieties, like blue or burgundy offer a fun, trend-driven alternative to black, brown gives a softer, more natural effect to the eyes that’s perfect for everyday wear. Everyone can benefit from stocking both a brown and black mascara in their makeup bags.


A Refresher on Why Lash Princess is the GOAT

The viral Lash Princess Mascara has become a staple in all of our makeup kits because it’s super affordable and it works to dramatically add major volume and definition to lashes for a true falsie effect. You can read more about the benefits of Lash Princess Mascara here but chances are you’ve already tried it and it’s a cult fav for you too. Now, it’s available in brown and people are raving about its naturally glam look, thanks to its rich-brown color and iconic formula. And you really can’t beat the value you get for this price!



How Brown Mascara Enhances Every Eye Color

Whether your eyes are brown, blue, green or hazel, brown mascara will flatter them beautifully. By contrast, brown is opposite to blue and green on the color wheel, which means when they are paired together, they make the other stand out in the best way. Brown is also a shade that complements itself so people with hazel or brown eyes will also get a flattering result while using brown mascara. In other words, brown mascara is for all. If you have naturally brown, blonde or strawberry blonde eyelashes, it’s an even better alternative to black, which can be too stark (especially for day).


What to Pair Brown Mascara With

Brown mascara can be subbed in for black for any look but it really shines with trends like latte makeup, where the overall focus is on warm shades of brown eyeshadow, bronzed cheeks and brownish-pink lips. Brown mascara is also the perfect product for the warmer months when you want to pare down your makeup routine and focus on a few hero products like cream blush, bronzer and Lash Princess Mascara to finish the look. Where you won’t want to sub in brown for black mascara is when you’re wearing a classic black winged liner look. In this case, stick with classic black.


TIP: Try applying brown mascara to your bottom lashes only for a soft yet defined lash look.
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