The Winter Makeup Routine We Swear By

December 11, 2023
The Winter Makeup Routine We Swear By

Say goodbye to your winter makeup woes for good


The temp may be dropping but your winter makeup routine is about to heat things up. That’s right, just because we’re heading into hibernation season, it doesn’t mean our winter makeup routine has to look tired, too. The perfect winter makeup routine does exist and it’s super easy to perfect and customize based on your needs. Here are the winter makeup tips and tricks for getting that healthy and hydrated look for winter.

Try this healthy skin hack

If your skin is happy in the winter, your makeup will be, too. Skin typically represents half the winter woes battle so taking care of it will set your makeup routine up for success. What does that look like? A hydrating skincare routine, for starters. That humidity from summer that kept your skin looking dewy and plump is a distant memory at this point. Go ahead and replace that moisture. A cool mist humidifier next to your bed works wonders. So does a glow serum primer to prep your skin for makeup after cleansing and moisturizing. The ingredients to get on your winter beauty radar? Niacinamide and natural fruit oils, both of which are found in this primer. Niacinamide works like a blurring filter for your skin and gets to work on pores, evening out your skin tone and generally making it look better and healthier.

TIP: Treat dryness around your eyes with a targeted treatment. Swipe on this hydrating hero stick over dry areas (the gentle yet moisturizing stick also works on the areas around the nose that tend to get red in the winter).

Choose liquids over powders for your face makeup

If your skin is in a dry spell (aren’t most of us in the winter months?), then you’ll generally want to avoid powder makeup formulas, which enhance dryness. Go for hydrating, creamy formulas instead. That means a creamy foundation, mousse works great if your skin really needs a moisture boost, and a good liquid foundation if your skin type is normal to combination. The same goes for your blush and even your eyes, too. Reach for a creamy blush stick to give your cheeks

a natural flush that serves up the healthy skin vibes. A liquid eye tint that dries down to a powder equals the best-case scenario for your lids this winter. With both cool and warm metallic shades to choose from, achieving one of the biggest winter makeup trends for 2023 couldn’t be easier.

 TIP: Weatherproof your mascara in the winter by using a waterproof formula. It’s a must for cold and windy weather situations that make you tear up.


Winterize your lip care routine 

There’s no denying that the wintertime can wreak havoc on your lips. Sometimes chapped lips can’t be avoided (even if you are downing a gallon of water and sleeping next to a humidifier), but sometimes they can be. This is when your best line of defense is a winter lip routine. Daily lip care in the morning, day and night is essential for keeping your lips soft and smooth. We love the feel of a lip butter infused with oils, like coconut, for overnight use. For the day, go with a lighter formula, like this lightweight lip serum. When it comes to shopping for glosses and lipsticks, know that matte formulas can be a bit more drying than creamy ones.


TIP: Treat dry, flaky lips instantly with a homemade lip scrub using sugar and your fav lip balm. Gently rub it over your lips to exfoliate them and wipe it off using a warm face cloth followed by (you guessed it) your lip care.

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