Priming Like A Pro: Finding The Perfect Primer For Your Skin

December 01, 2023
Priming Like A Pro: Finding The Perfect Primer For Your Skin

 You’re one step away from flawless skin

We’re just going to say it: Makeup primer is so underrated. Sure, applying makeup primer equals another step in your beauty routine and has benefits that aren’t exactly noticeable right away. But here’s why you need it. Makeup primer ensures everything that goes on top of your face looks and performs better. Take foundation: Without primer, it can look uneven and patchy in some areas, not to mention make your mid-afternoon fade a reality. Makeup pros also know that primer is non-negotiable for giving good face. After all, you wouldn’t dare paint your walls or a canvas without applying it first. So what are you waiting for? Here’s how to get your primer game on lock.

Since makeup primer is a hybrid skincare product, treat it as such and choose a formula based on your skin type. Here’s how to use makeup primer the right way.

If your skin is dry

Dry skin can really mess with your foundation so you’ll need to apply a moisturizing primer to help prevent an uneven finish. The best makeup primers for dry skin contain hyaluronic acid, which has a nice skin-plumping effect. Apply your makeup primer after your moisturizer and be liberal with your application when smoothing it onto the skin (like you would with moisturizer).


Try: This hero moisturizing skin primer, with hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract, or if you prefer a lighter texture and dewy finish, this serum primer gives good glow and hydration, thanks to niacinamide and watermelon.



 If your skin is oily

Makeup primer can help manage shine levels and up the ante on lasting power for those with oily skin. Since makeup tends to slip off this skin type more easily, a primer can act as a grip for foundation, eyeshadow and blush to cling to. Pay attention to claims like mattifying or oil-free when shopping for the best makeup primers for oily skin.


Try: This refining primer is great for oily skin types because it’s mattifying and oil-free. It also features skin-soothing sea kelp and its lightweight texture feels amazing on the skin.



If you have enlarged pores

Primer’s major selling point is that it helps minimize pores and makes your complexion look more seamless. For that glass skin effect (pores, who?) you’ll need a pore-refining primer that has mattifying and blurring benefits. Look for formulas that contain niacinamide, a hero ingredient that’s said to improve skin tone and the orange-peel effect of textured skin while minimizing the appearance of pores.

Try: This pore-reducing primer with niacinamide. It’s also oil-free and won’t clog pores.


If your skin has redness

Sometimes even the best foundations can’t cover up unsightly red patches on the skin. Well, there’s a primer for that, too. Did you know a green hue can conceal redness? Go for a makeup primer that has a green tint and formula that calms and soothes the skin while combatting redness at the same time.


Try: This balancing and calming primer cancels out redness and is ultra soothing on the skin, thanks to cooling and calming green tea extract. 

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