Long-Wear Tips: How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

September 04, 2023
Long-Wear Tips: How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

Hands up if your beauty love language is lipstick that lasts. Us, too (lipstick girlies, unite!) If only our lipstick would commit already and stick around longer (as in last all day). Whether the dreaded transfer happens after your morning cold brew, your lunch-break salad or even during (gasp!) happy hour, imagine how much easier life would be if it didn’t happen, at all. No constant mirror checks to see if your lipstick pulled a sudden disappearing act. Well, listen up because lipstick that stays put all day long is possible with these long-wear lipstick tips. Check out the best essence lipsticks and makeup tips that will give your lipstick the lasting attention it deserves!


Step One: Prep Your Pout

Lip check: how soft is your pout, actually? If you have dryness or you’re dealing with a flaky-skin situation, it’s best to treat your lips overnight using lip care that heals and treats, like this super-smoothing conditioning balm with coconut oil.

The nourishing oils in these formulas will coat lips in moisture and help nurse them back to health–fast. If your lips are particularly rough, try a DIY lip scrub using sugar and your fav lip balm. Use it gently scrub your lips and remove dry skin instantly.


Psst: Want in on a long-wear lipstick tip? A little bit of concealer applied to the lips before your liner and lipstick serves as the perfect lip base. It will also help neutralize any oils leftover from your moisturizing skincare step.

Step Two: Choose a Long-wear Lipstick Formula

Let’s be real, a long-wearing lipstick isn’t going to be a slick, glossy variety. Matte liquid lipstick is the GOAT among long-wear formulas. It’s kiss-proof, comfy because it goes on velvety and dries quickly, and best of all, it leaves a lasting finish that can span the entire day. Prefer the feel of a matte lipstick bullet? Boost its staying power by pairing it with a base of nude long-wear liquid liner.



Step 3: Ace Your Application

The classic approach to making your lipstick stay put goes like this. Apply lipstick,blot with tissue, and then apply. While this method works well for traditional bullet lipsticks, it doesn’t exactly make sense for liquid lipstick varieties.

Once your lips are soft, prepped with concealer as well as an even dusting of translucent powder, take a long-wear liquid liner in a shade that matches your lipstick (a nude color also works) and use it to outline and then completely fill in your lips. Next, apply your long-wear formula overtop using a light hand so that your layer is thin and not too thick. Let it set and dry completely before going in for another light coat.

Step 4: Finish Strong

This might not be the most obvious step to safeguarding your long-wear lipstick but cleaning up the area around your mouth using a beauty sponge and your foundation or concealer works wonders. This final step will help prevent any feathering that might happen throughout the day, especially in humid temps. And this should go without saying but try to steer clear of common lipstick destroyers like oily food, licking your lips constantly and touching them.



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Long-Wear Tips: How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

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