What Is Cloud Skin?!

An inside look at this dreamy viral makeup trend


Cloud skin is a viral makeup trend that’s actually achievable and super pretty! You know the Soft and Natural Snap filter? It’s basically that IRL. It gives ethereal dreamy skin and adds an overall soft matte finish to your face. Think of cloud skin as the antidote to glazed donut, hyper glowy and glass skin, which, let’s face it, isn’t the most practical for day (or in photos!). Don’t even get us started on those looks for oily-skinned gals. Cloud skin is understated yet gorgeous. Here, we’ll show you how to achieve it the easy way using the right products and techniques.


Hydrate, first!

The trick to pulling off any viral skin trend is starting with a healthy, hydrated base. To achieve cloud-like skin status, that means moisturized skin and rested eyes. We know this is easier said than done, especially after a late night out but there are products to help with that! Freshen up your eyes with a hydrating under-eye stick that brightens and soothes eyes instantly. This small step goes a long way for the final effect–trust us.


Cloud skin is all about the matte factor. So for oily-skinned girlies especially, be sure to prep your skin accordingly. A mattifying primer will do the trick here. Simply apply it before your tinted moisturizer and concealer to ensure your skin stays fresh throughout the day –no blotting papers needed!


Ace your base

Contrary to what people think cloud skin is all about, you don’t want an overly heavy matte foundation finish. Aim for soft-focus matte skin instead. Your skin should be semi-radiant to start because you want a little radiance to shine through on the last powder step. It’s a good idea to skip the heavy coverage foundation and go with a radiant tinted moisturizer instead. Touch up any blemishes, redness or dark circles using a lightweight concealer applied with a damp beauty sponge to ensure a seamless finish. The cloud skin trend is all about a diffused look with no harsh lines.


Go for a natural flush

The thing about cloud skin is it resembles the flawless skin of our youth. It’s poreless, incredibly soft looking and emits a low-key glow. This is important to remember as you don’t want to apply a heavy contour or severe blush look overtop to ruin the vibe. Instead, try to mimic your natural flush with a soft baked blush applied with a soft, fluffy brush blush. Swipe it over the apples of the cheeks and lightly along your temples. This will give you a blended finish that looks super natural and healthy looking.


Finish strong with powder

The most important step to being on team cloud skin is a great finishing powder. Not only is it necessary for adding a soft matte finish to key areas, like those that tend to collect oil as the day or night goes on (think T-zone!). Before you go dusting loose powder all over the place, cloud skin is not that. It needs a light-handed application all the way. Dip your fluffy brush into your lightweight loose powder, tap off the excess and then apply it to your skin. This will ensure you don’t go overboard with the powder. Remember, cloud skin is a lesson in restraint!


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