A Full Face Of Essence: Under $50

August 03, 2023
A Full Face Of Essence: Under $50

Here’s how to get a bougie beauty look on the cheap!

You don’t have to break the bank for a full face of makeup that looks expensive. And if we’ve learned anything from BeautyTok, it’s that drugstore dupes are where it’s really at. Whether you want to pay less for budget reasons or you just love a deal when you see one, we’ve got the goods for you–no gatekeeping here. We’ll show you how to achieve the best full-face of makeup for under $50! That’s right, we’re talking less than the total price of your fav Stanley cup. So get ready, because we’re going shopping for the best deals!

1. Hydrating Primer

A lightweight primer will help set the tone of your budget meets bougie full-face makeup look. Not only will this $5 formula make your foundation go the extra mile, it’ll prep your complexion with skin-friendly ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which is ultra-hydrating and cucumber extract, for a soothing and calming effect.




2. Longwear Powder Foundation

One way to squeeze every last drop from your beauty haul is to add dual-purpose products to your makeup routine. This powder foundation acts like a concealer and foundation in one. It gives long-lasting coverage, is a dream on both normal and oily skin types and leaves your complexion looking absolutely flawless for hours. See it in action here. The best part is, it’s only $6!



3. Contour Palette

This $6 duo makes contouring a breeze because it’s super simple and straightforward to use. Apply the contour shade (the darker shade) to your temples, hollows of your

cheeks, down the sides of your nose and along your jawline for definition. Then, take the highlight shade and dust it over the center of your forehead, along your upper cheekbones, the centre of your nose and chin for dimension.


4. Bold brow mascara

Let’s face it, nobody wants to fork over big bucks on products that we can easily get the same look for less and our brows are no exception. The beauty of this $4 brow mascara is that it’s a one-and-done application that brushes your brows up, fills them in for a bold yet natural effect and leaves them looking polished to perfection.




5. Latte makeup eyeshadow palette

Bronze eyeshadow tones give quiet luxury vibes and we’ll bet that no one’s going to know the difference between this $4 shadow palette and a $50 one! We love the warm, latte tones of these silky shadows that you can customize to your mood or the season. Want more from your shadow palette? Simply use a small, angled shadow brush dipped in water to use the darkest shades as eyeliner.



6. Precise Pencil Liner

No full-face makeup look is complete without a do-it-all black eyeliner, the beauty equivalent to the perfect LBD. This one is waterproof, has a precise tip and it lasts for 18 hours. Use it for a killer cat eye or a smoky look, it’s so versatile and for $3, what’s not to love?




7. Viral False Lash Mascara

You know a mascara is the real deal when it goes viral on TikTok and stays among the top favs among the beauty elite. And with a $5 price tag, it’s hard not to compare it to the overhyped competitors that are five times the price but let’s! This iconic formula gives falsies a run for their money, and it will make your lashes voluminous and extra in the best way.



8. Creamy Blush Stick

Creamy blush sticks are trending for a reason. They leave a nice sheen on the face, they make your skin look so fresh and healthy and they’re super easy to apply–no muss, no fuss. This creamy formula will rival any blush stick for its radiance factor. It

also blends really well for a seamless blush effect that looks anything but cheap (even though it’s only $5!).



9. Pink-Meets-Nude Lipliner

A $3 lipliner that’s a dupe for a $25 one? Yes, please. This creamy lip pencil in shade 101 is the perfect pink-meets-nude. It glides over your lips, lasts for hours and is smudge-proof so you don’t have to worry about any feathering.






10. The Perfect Nude Lipstick

Drugstore makeup has come a long way and inexpensive lipsticks are one of the best ways to try new trends and formulas. If your search for the perfect nude has come up empty, you’re in luck because this creamy matte formula is truly a game-changer for its $4 price tag and color selection. The “Bold” shade is a popular TikTok dupe that will become your new nude obsession, trust us!


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