The Perfect Blush Shades For Spring

April 29, 2024
The Perfect Blush Shades For Spring

Blush girlies know that springtime is the perfect season to flirt with a new shade–or two! No other product brings the pretty factor like a gorgeous blush can. It’s also pretty hard to mess up (we’re looking at your liquid liner). Whether you want to rock a rosy flush, sport a healthy glow or beautiful bronze, there’s a blush for that. We’re unpacking the hottest spring blush colors and trends so you can be spring-ready–fast. The best part is, these spring blush colors won’t blow your budget so you can make room for even more spring beauty picks.

Brush Up on Blush Trends

The past few seasons have brought us some major blush trends like strawberry glam, the faux sunburn, pinch-me cheeks and now, glazed blush. Trends are fun to indulge in but a flattering spring blush color is worth committing to for life. The right blush shade can take your look from mediocre to memorable instantly.

Are You Cool, Warm or Neutral?

Here’s a hint for finding your best spring blush color: look to your skin’s undertones for direction. If your skin is warm, that means it has undertones of yellow, peach or gold. If it’s cool, your skin will have undertones of pink or blue. A neutral skin tone means it has a mix of both. Once you determine your skin’s undertone, finding a corresponding blush shade is super easy. Remember that like shades work best together (i.e. a bronze blush will flatter a warm complexion).

Here Are The Top Four Blush Shades for Spring

The Best Peach Blush

Did you know that the Pantone color of the year is Peach Fuzz? It also happens to be one of our fav spring brush colors. Peach feels fresh because it’s warmer than pink but still has the softness of a pastel. Look for a cream peach blush formula to give your cheeks a hint of sheen for a glowing, healthy skin boost. Blend this cream blush into your skin using your fingers or a beauty sponge.


The Best Strawberry Glazed Donut Blush

The look for Spring 2024 blush is easily glazed. Just like glazed donut skin, the emphasis is on the radiance factor. Reach for this rosy sheer tint to get the strawberry-glazed donut blush look. Apply it to your cheeks using your fingers or a buffer brush to help it melt into the skin for a luminous finish. This formula also enhances other blush varieties so you can apply it overtop of an existing blush to dial up the shine factor.


The Best Bronze Blush

One of the best colors for blush in spring is bronze. Seems like a no-brainer, right? When the weather warms up, so should your complexion and the easiest way to a sun-kissed glow is with a bronze blush. Go for this highly-pigmented pressed powder blush in Bespoke for a natural and pretty effect. Apply it to all the areas of the face that you want to look sun-kissed, like the temples, forehead, cheeks and nose.


The Best Pink Blush

If a rosy healthy glow is your blush MO, this baked blush in shade Pink Flush is for you. It gives cheeks a rosy complexion that’s royal-flush-worthy (Bridgerton calling!) and also super flattering. The lightweight mineral powder formula is also buildable so you can easily customize your level of color intensity.
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