The Secrets To Applying Liquid Matte Lipstick The Right Way

May 08, 2023
The Secrets To Applying Liquid Matte Lipstick The Right Way

Liquid lipstick is a vibe–here’s how to score a perfect 10 application

Kylie Jenner may be responsible for the mic-drop moment of matte liquid lipstick in 2015 but we’re still liking and subscribing several years later. Why? Because nothing makes our lips look that polished for that long, period.

Liquid lipstick offers the precision of a gloss application but with the pigment of a lipstick, plus major staying power.

Listen, we get that it also comes with an intimidation factor. So, it is a big commitment but once it’s on, believe us when we say you can sit back and relax. Imagine the bliss of not having to constantly worry about it fading or leaving lipstick marks all over your coffee cup. As much as we love to talk about all the reasons we love liquid lipstick, there is definitely a right and wrong way to pull it off. Here’s how to nail your application and be team #liquidlipstick for years to come.

There’s Prep Involved

If you want to live into your best liquid lipstick era, you’re going to want to prep those lips first! Nothing will ruin your liquid lipstick application faster than dry, flaky lips because it will just accentuate the dry factor and any texture on the lips. For a fast fix, use a gentle lip exfoliator (or sugar mixed with your lip balm) for a smoothening effect. Next, condition your lips with a hydrating

balm to restore moisture. It’s even better when you plan ahead and wear it overnight so you wake up with smooth, hydrated lips. Liquid lipstick is notoriously drying so this will keep your lips from drying out too fast. This addictive fruit-scented balm boasts 10 percent almond oil and leaves lips looking soft and super healthy. Be sure to let it absorb into your lips fully (or simply blot off the excess) before going in with your liquid lipstick.

Formula Comes First

Applying matte liquid lipstick is easy when you have the right formula. This super matte tube packs an incredible pigment punch that will outlast your 9-5 and look great while doing it (people won’t believe you didn’t have to reapply it). It’s also alcohol-free, which means it won’t dry out your lips. The best part? There’s a perfect color in the shade range for every occasion. We love shades Duck Face for a clean girl aesthetic vibe and Mad About You for a night out.

Apply It Like A Pro

Want to know how to apply liquid matte lipstick like the pros? Follow these easy steps. With prepped soft lips, outline your lips using a matte longwearing lip liner in the same shade to ensure you don’t color outside of the lines. This will also help prevent feathering or bleeding. Start on your bottom lip and apply your liquid lipstick from the center and then press your lips together to distribute the color. Go ahead and blot before applying

another layer overtop. Next, wipe off excess formula from your liquid lipstick applicator to ensure a precision application. Finally, use a lightweight concealer to clean up the edges around your mouth for a flawless effect that looks polished and tidy.

TIP: Liquid lipstick does not budge so removing it at the end of the night can be tricky. The trick lies in your kitchen. Use coconut oil to remove your liquid lipstick in a pinch. The best part is, it won’t leave a funny taste on your lips like some makeup removers can.

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